1. Do you offer quick turnarounds?

Yes! We return quotes within a few hours, prototypes within 3 business days, and product in 3-4 weeks.

2. What materials do you use?

We use only high-quality materials. Check out our full list of materials here. Our suppliers include:

3. What are Pho-Tronics certifications?

All Pho-Tronics certifications are up-to-date and currently active. We are proud to say we’ve held our MIL-PRF-55110G (Polyimide, FR-4, Epoxy) certification for 35 years and counting.

ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System
ITAR Approved
AS9100 Rev. C

Military Qualifications:

MIL-PRF-55110G (Polyimide, FR-4, Epoxy)

Ongoing Reliability Group B Testing


IPC Performance Specifications

IPC 6012 (Rigid)

IPC 6016 (HDI)

IPC-A-600 Certified Micro-Section Technicians/Final Inspectors


4. What are your equipment specs?

We are constantly updating our facilities to stay on the forefront of leading technology. View a full list of our PCB equipment and facility information here.

5. How many years have you been in business?

We opened in 1961, so we’re over 50 years old. Our team has hundreds and hundreds of years of combined experience to ensure we get your PCB job done right.

6. Who are your major customers?

Our customers work across a variety of industries, including military, aerospace, healthcare, and other commercial industries.

Some of the customers we service:

  • GE Healthcare
  • Boeing
  • Rockwell Collins
  • DRS Technology
  • Plexus
  • Harris
  • Symetrics Industries
  • BAE Systems
  • Northrup Grumann
7. What’s the average tenure of your employees?

Most of our employees have been with us for 15 years or more.

8. How do you ensure quality?

We pride ourselves on producing superior quality circuit boards. Our quality assurance methods and continuous improvement tools include:

  • ISO 9001
  • AS9100
  • SPC Process Control
  • Cross-section Lab
  • Lean Management & Manufacturing
  • On-time delivery
  • 8D Corrective Action Process
  • Cross-Functional Training
  • IPC-A-600 Certified Micro-Section Technicians/Final Inspectors
9. What are your recent capital expenditures?
  • Posulux 6 head Dynamic drill machine 225 RPM Spindle Speed control depth contact drilling
  • AOI with enhanced CAD Reference
  • MacDermid Alternative Oxide Line
  • Accu-Score AS-150 Max scoring machine
  • ENIG Plating Line
  • Pluritec X-Ray Registration Drill
  • Pro Cim Enterprise software
  • MacDermid Direct Metallization Line
  • PPSI 8800 Eight Camera Post Etch Punch
  • {2} Microcraft Flying Probe Testers
  • DP 1500 soldermask coater
  • Auto-align system for soldermask
  • Retooled facility to 21×24 panel
10. How do you keep up with industry trends?

Continuous improvement is one of our core values. We innovate and upgrade our equipment and knowledge as fast as improvements are available to bring you the most cost-effective and accurate product possible.