Pho-Tronics provides PCBs for advanced flight display technology (new and refurbished) for multiple prominent aerospace companies, including Boeing, Rockwell Collins and Honeywell.


Pho-Tronics works with the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army & Marines to design and manufacture printed circuit boards for avionics, military defense ground equipment, electronic warfare counter-measures, thermal weapons sighting systems, and equipment for soldiers.


Pho-Tronics understands the careful and nuanced processes involved in building PCBs for complex medical equipment. We produce complex circuit boards for a wide variety of medical equipment. Medical resonance imaging (MRI) devices and other diagnostics and test devices depend on our printed circuit boards to help physicians deliver life-saving diagnosis with pin-point accuracy.


Industrial Controls and Instrumentation manufacturer’s products are used in factories throughout the world. Industrial products operate in harsh environments sometimes thousands of miles from the manufacturer’s technical support. Pho-Tronics proven quality control process guarantees customers their circuit boards will be manufactured to their specifications each and every time.

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