Pho-Tronics Quality Codes

Q1 – Materials must meet the requirements of Pho-Tronics Procurement Specification (Q702).

Q2 – First Article Inspection IAW AS9102 with “balloon drawing” –
The supplier shall submit a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) in compliance with AS9102.
This report shall contain objective evidence that the design characteristics per AS9102 are accounted for, uniquely identified and have inspection results traceable to each identifier. Characteristics required on this FAIR are:
• Key Characteristics
• Design Characteristics
• Parts Lists & Notes
In addition, for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Drawings, identify:
• Datum System
• Major Features
• Minor Features

Q3 – First Article Inspection Performed by Supplier – “First Article” Inspection for all requirements shown on the control drawing and/or specification will be performed at the supplier’s facility. First Article inspection data for all drawing and/or specification requirements shall be supplied with first shipment of each part. The Supplier shall perform a full FAI, or a partial FAI for affected characteristics, when the following event occurs:
• A change in design.
• The Supplier shall perform a full FAI for affected characteristics, when any of the following events occurs:
• A change in manufacturing sources, processes, inspection methods, tooling or materials.
• A natural or man-made event, which may affect the manufacturing process.
• A lapse in production for two years or as specified by Purchase Order.

Q4 – Certificate of Conformance to Purchase Order Requirements – A Certificate of Conformance is required with each shipment. It will certify that the specified quantity of parts or materials, shipped on the date indicated, are in full conformance with all referenced specifications, drawings and purchase order requirements. This certificate must be signed by a responsible company representative.

Q5 – Product Non-Conformance – Supplier shall notify Pho-Tronics within five (5) business days of any discovery of nonconforming product. Supplier shall request a Waiver / Deviation from Pho-Tronics and receive written notice of acceptability before shipping.

Q6 – Flow-down – Supplier shall impose the requirements of Pho-Tronics purchase order provisions on any work subcontracted.

Q7 – The supplier shall maintain a quality system, compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008/AS 9100 or equivalent. This system is subject to review and approval by Pho-Tronics, Inc. at all times. Maintenance of the system does not relieve the supplier of the responsibility for meeting all other requirements of the Purchase Order and the obligation to deliver an acceptable product.

Q8 – Record Storage – The supplier shall maintain all applicable test/inspection and contract quality data for a period of not less than three years. Pho-Tronics shall be allowed access to all applicable data at any time within normal business hours given 48-hour notice.

Q9 – Packaging: Items supplied on this purchase order shall be packaged IAW best commercial practice for worldwide shipment by commercial transportation. Items shall be individually packaged to prevent shipping and handling damage as well as to prevent moisture absorption during transit.

Q10 – Supplier shall make no changes to product under this Purchase Order including any change in design, manufacturing process, materials, or otherwise which may affect form, fit, or function of the product without prior notification to and approval by Pho-Tronics, Inc. Such written notification shall consist of detailed drawings clearly defining such changes and the date such changes are proposed to be effective.
Such notification shall not constitute approval of the proposed change nor relieve the Supplier of the obligation to comply with requirements contained in the Purchase Order. If the proposed change is approved, the change approval shall be documented.

Q11 – Plating finishes:
• Q11A – Immersion Tin: IPC-4554
• Q11B – Immersion Silver: IPC-4553
• Q11C – Electrolytic Gold:
✓ OPTION 1: MIL-G-45204 (MIL-PRF-55110 build);
✓ OPTION 2: ASTM-B-488 (Commercial IPC 6012 build);
✓ OPTION 3: 580-0143 (Rockwell build)
• Q11D – ENIG: IPC-4552
• Q11E – Electrolytic Nickel: SAE-ams-QQ-N-290
• Q11F – Lead-Free HASL:
• Q11G – OSP ( Organic Solderability Preservative) per customer requirements, if applicable.

Q12 – Solder bars are to be manufactured and certified to J-STD-006 Requirements for Electronic Grade Solder Alloys and Fluxed and Non-Fluxed Solid Solders for Electronic Soldering Applications Rev. B Amends 1 & 2 (Sn63/Pb37).

Q13 – Material Safety Data Sheets – One copy of the MSDS for each product ordered shall accompany each shipment.

Q14 – Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention – the supplier shall establish and maintain an effective program preventing foreign objects or material from entering and remaining in deliverable products. The supplier shall inspect for foreign materials prior to shipment.

Q15 – Surveillance – A Pho-Tronics quality representative may visit the supplier’s facilities to monitor items being manufactured/services performed. The representative may audit both the product and the Quality/Inspection system to determine compliance to purchase order requirements.

Q16 – Counterfeit Parts – the Supplier shall establish and maintain an effective program preventing the shipment of counterfeit parts to Pho-Tronics, Inc. A ‘counterfeit part’ is defined as a copy or substitute without legal right or authority to do so, where materials, performance or characteristics are knowingly misrepresented by supplier, distributor, or manufacturer at any level in the supply chain. Examples include, but are not limited to parts remarked to disguise parts differing from those offered by the OEM; previously used parts, salvaged or defective parts.

Q17 – Date Code / Serial Number Traceability to manufacturer’s lot. The supplier shall provide manufacturer’s lot or date code information for each item shipped against this purchase order. Documentation accompanying each shipment shall state how many lot number(s), date code or serial number is being provided.